Nicole Feriancek

Nicole Feriancek, B.S.

PhD Student | Biological and Biomedical Sciences – Microbiology Track
Department of Microbial Pathogenesis | Yale School of Medicine
Email: [email protected]

B.S in Microbiology – Cornell University

I attended Cornell University in lovely but isolated Ithaca, New York, where I studied microbiology. My research was in the Buckley Lab in the department of Soil and Crop Sciences, with a primary interest on soil bacterial ecology. I worked on a variety of projects, but my honors thesis focused on characterizing novel Streptomyces species. The characterization taught me how to use genomics to learn more about microbes and opened my eyes to the exciting world of “dry lab” research. I am interested in expanding my dry lab experience in the Grubaugh lab to examine arboviruses in the Northeastern United States. Outside of lab, I’m often picking flowers, losing at kickball, or playing DND – all while listening to punk pop music.